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ranking news story the situation in san bruno. they're trying to finish containment of a large fire. we're talking about in an explosion that left at quakcrat. 53 homes destroyed three confirmed dead. when hundred 20 homes damaged. a gas line explosion causes an explosion and the winds kick in and carried embers to rooftops all over the area. that's why we have 200 homes affected by this and a whole lot of people displaced in shelters throughout sambar not as they try to get over the shock of this to begin to assess where they go from here and three find out if any family or friends has been
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affected. >> team coverage was will transfer his life of. you have been speaking to victims of this mass of fire will. >> i'm still trying to get ahold of more victims new information i just found out the fatality no. hmm has gone from three up to six so three confirmed sixth unconfirmed i'm getting that number from the red cross. >> we do have three confirmed felt we of. the red cross is trying to reunite families and account those who are missing. we are waiting for daybreak once the sun comes up it will reveal all lot of things and give firefighters time for surge. >> there are so many unaccounted
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for the may be ok but they are not checking in with the agencies. >> that is a problem because we have two centers open. the count at the center's 27 but we signed in a lot more than that some people did live with friends and family. we are asking there is a number for people to contact. 650- 616-7180. >> what is happening with the shelter is there enough room. >> we have plenty of room for self shelter is there somebody looking for places day we are putting people up in the recreation center kenny and the senior center which is located on crystal springs road. so
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contact at #or come to the community center or san bruno ave. the red cross will be out here all day trying to get people accounted for reuniting them. >> you are hearing six fatalities? >> that is the unofficial count. we have a number of people on account of all.unaccounted for. >> let the center's know what your name is so they came across it off the list so they don't have to look for you. i found out if you are near that center the fire department can forcefully take you out but if you are on the perimeter. we talked to a man about our goal his job today is to dampens his grandmother because it takes a
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family member to be able to grab the elder out and take them from the scene. fire department cannot force you to leave but they encourage people to leave. i see trucks driving up sambar no avenue back to the scene in about 55 minutes there should be a news conference at the shopping center we will carry it live when it happens. >> i know you don't have the baggage point to see everything here. we're talking about blocks we have been told the fire is 50 percent contained right now. i'm wondering in the darkness where you are can you get any glimpse of smoke or fire. >> i drove past the airport and i looked to my left i did not see flames. as jackie shows you the skyline you don't see flames on our horizon. what you do see
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it seems foggy bayou realize it's not fog its smoke. the closer you got the stronger the smell. the fires are still going on there are fire personnel racing up san bruno ave. as far as the flames i do not see it from my vantage point. we have crews all over the place kron 4 tries to own the story we are moving closer to the story to give you the best pictures and more reactions for the morning. >> you cover wildfire so much in you see aerial bombs much like they do with a wild fire. but your neighborhood. it passed the odd to see instead of charred trees you are surrounded by burned down houses. >> i was thinking the same thing this is a city obviously. when i saw the pictures yesterday and this morning it resembled the tahoe fire where the fires
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raging uprush. as opposed to homes. it takes on a feel of wilderness. we are in a busy city so it is our real if you wanna use our route.that word. w works all the way to set the san diego l.a. times this is the biggest war right now happening in the state of california. >> stay with kron 4 we will see what the landscape looks like at first light. >> his interview with the red cross and alluded to it there are two shelters set up all evacuated residents requiring over night. they were sent to veterans memorial recreation center, located at 251 city park way those who are are still trying to locate family members or make other accommodation they
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were sent to church of the highlands. and that is acting a buzzard receiving center if you're looking for information that's a great place to turn to. 1900 moderate drive. scores of displaced people have made other arrangements. those affected who made accommodations to stay with friends or neighbors were urged to register with the city's emergency hotline at 650- 616-7180. they need to check you lost the less they're trying to get a check account so that when people can access the neighborhood they know which houses they do not have to check gone because you're fine. they can devote the resources to the people who are not accounted for. >> we are showing you a split screen here this is a picture of when it first happened at 615 last night. here is what the senator had to say about the state of emergency in the city.
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>> the state has declared this area's state of emergency the lieutenant governor has said that order. that has relieved an array of assets divide this fire. we have tankers, helicopters, trucks up there. this fire started because of an explosion of a gas main it is compromised the water main up there as a result the water pressure is not high so we have had to drop water up there it will be a long fight on this one. mainly it's a tough terrain up there. we will hopefully get this thing done as quickly as weekend. >> will more recesses' corinth? >> absolutely we will rely own local authorities in the command structure here to tell us what more they need. we are prepared to release those assets to take care of whatever so that we can
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a pro 52 homes were leveled after a gas line exploded. we know that about 120 homes in dollar damage and there are dozens of people who are injured this morning and displaced as well. the biggest thing that you can do to help is, you are looking at the tragedy unfolds, this is the red cross are urging you to donate blood. they desperately need to lie to help all of the people who are in need and injured by this massive fire. but putting a hot line for the blood centers its 8-393- 4483. concede that on your screen. this type o negative and particular. that is the blood that is most needed at this hour. our team coverage continues in just a minute.
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six >> 59 now on our breaking news coverage continues in the wake of the huge explosion. fueled by 24 in. gas main break in san bruno. it then fuelled of big fire that ripped through a neighborhood and this morning we have just learned that the death toll is 6 and it could go higher. they are waiting for first light to get into the damaged homes. 53 homes were leveled and burned to the ground. another 120 are damaged this morning. there are hundreds of people have been displaced and there are scores of them in the hospital. we also have of life team coverage of this morning with the reporter at all of the locations. this morning at the command center where the firefighters are still doing their work as the fire is 50 percent contained and the evacuation centers in the red cross centers as well. kron4 news is a kate thompson is that
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one of the police lines and has been set up >> i'm not one of the police barricades near the blast site. police are not letting anybody pass this point. this is crest more drive in san bruno ave. police have barricade set up they have flares in the road they say for safety reasons they cannot let anybody in the blast site. this is actually the second checkpoint there is. there's another police checkpoint farther down the hill and only if you are resident living in this neighborhood you can surpass that barrier. they're trying to keep people as far away from the blast as possible. now beyond the best check point is where police and fire have their command center. reporting in san bruno and the thompson for kron4 news. >> there's still this morning urging people to stay away from this area if you do not need to be there. we will bring you all of the latest just keep the tv on this morning we will keep the latest after this incredible
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scene last night with the fireball and then just home after home after home burning down in san bruno last night. we'll have more on our team coverage and we're also firing the weather and traffic. >> you know the wind is extremely strong in this area. it is called the san bruno gap because of the belly that creates an on short perceive that sets the fog. you can see a strong wind into the afternoon and in fact at the time of the explosion yesterday that some of the strongest winds possible at 20 mi. per hour. current conditions are much, much better in terms of weather conditions for fire fighters. the humidity is high end the wind is moving up the west that only 3 mi. per hour. and watching it fluctuate piquancy it real time up to 5 mi. per hour. this is the strongest of the ones at this hour. as we head into the afternoon will be a different story. we start to see those same winds moving ahead 13 mi.
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per hour and it can get as high as 80 mi. an hour once you get the winds. the lens can be trouble as the head into the afternoon. is not quite as strong as the site yesterday 2 mi. west of the airport. at this point we been checking the delays. it does not look like there are any delays at the airport. but it does start to look towards the east as we head into the afternoon there certainly could be trouble with the bible when so evil people look at that. erica? court george? >> thank you. are still some explosions near claremont driving glenview drive they are both closed. sky view boulevard and interstate 280 and all of the on and off ramps have been reopened and however the chp or the special traffic advisory has been asking motorists to avoid interstate 280 in order to keep the roadway clear for emergency vehicles and in order to keep
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people from slowing down the flow of traffic in order to look at the operation. will take a short break now but our extended coverage of the explosion and fire in san bruno will continue right after this.
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623 and they're breaking is coverage continues. team coverage. these are our first live pictures of the morning. after the huge explosion that rocked san bruno. on your right hand side this is live pictures of first this morning when the sun was just rising in your honor chopper over the neighborhood and you can see why they are saying this is 50%. only 50 percent contained because you see smoke rising from structures right now in this area on skyline boulevard in san bruno and we are liable for this ceiling. your watching
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it this morning and seeing how the fire fighters are responding to that. they're different pockets of smokes of the blaze is not contained very widespread. very destructive as you can cmo left because right after the gas line exploded on the left-hand side of fireball there were a number of homes that engulfed immediately. this morning the latest number we have a sixth people that we know are unofficially confirmed dead. they have reported that six people have been killed. this is the first time and that emergency responders are going to kill to get in there and go through all of those homes. 53 burned to the ground to another 123 damaged. there are a lot of what you're born to see today's car to look like this. this is video from yesterday's raid to see the remnants of home. we cranks claro live this morning and he is along skyline boulevard. craig what do you
6:26 am
see? >> well we are up by the center. there was a lot of activity now and apparently they're doing a shift change. firefighters have been doing this through the night and through the darkness of england back-and-forth tried to fight this thing. this is about the time of day at their point to go to the host and what's left of the houses this search. there's a lot of activity have a lot of milling around and the engine and crew are heading in nine now as the sun is coming up in fact you can see quite clearly that the sun has gone high enough that they can go into a closer look. they have blocked off the area it is kind of urea here. it is a hint of smoke and is not as bad as it apparently was earlier in the evening hours. the smoke is clearing in the summer is coming up and whether they're coming to the the search of this, is not clear but is steadily moving a lot of personal back in.
6:27 am
>> like we're getting our first look at the helicopter this morning and we are still showing the tape from yesterday's. can you tell from your vantage point or surveying how many blocks are how many of the mile to know, bay area that we're talking about along the skyline >> unfortunately they have really close off the area. this is for the public at some point. there is no market vantage point where they will let us say in or any time after they go and maybe. at the moment your is treating them like a retriever. would not even know because the smoke is still this a few blocks away in is not something we have access to at this time. >> cases that is cranky is reporting live and he is seeing a shift change as you can see from our video footage from last night they are now changing with the firefighters that in working until this morning. we're
6:28 am
looking at the damage that has been left from this massive gas explosion will be back in a few minutes.
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breaking is at 629, we have six people that are now confirmed dead in the explosion in the fire that the guest today in san bruno. on the left piquancy the fireball that started it all. it was around 6:00 last may and on the right is now live shots from our chopper over the area and just look at home after home. these blocks continuing where there are no more home standing on certain parts of the streets and as you concede this is our first live look in the first leg of the incredible devastation. just look at sky for as a is zooming in on the housing track with no has this and still smoldering this morning. there reported the fire only 60 percent contained and you concede neighborhoods have just
6:31 am
been reduced ashes. james? >> yes, we have been following this story to ogle earth. it is hard to tell on the live shot exactly the area we're talking about is we are born to put together at animation to be allayed of the land. on this map you're going to notice right away there is a green line that green line is the main chance mission line that blue. with that said the distribution line goes to the individual as is. that area and blue is the area that we're talking about that was affected by the blast and the subsequent fires that race from home to home. you concede that this is the shelter at the church for people to go to find out about family and friends in the area and also to receive aid and help. this is the command center over here at the bay area shopping center and that is where the emergency responders are stationed. there is a pack code located nearby if you have small animals that will shelter them for you and if you pull the map out here you concede the evacuation center that was set
6:32 am
up here. it is at the veterans memorial center. it is right and city parkway in san bruno. we have video from inside of the recreation center and again this is just in here that shows some of the 27 people that unregistered and have slept inside their. >> that is the memorial rex center that you're looking at right now on cherry ave. ví'it s bring a new video that we're just sitting in this morning to visit the people who are in need and here's the stuff to help them, to feed them, to give them water. these people left writing from flames and have nothing. many have stayed in the shelters and many stayed with family and friends and you can see that a lot of people are going to need a lot of help. there are some pet food available for them and there was six casualties, they're looking for more. as you see the pet food there you are going to be wondering about the number of pets that they killed. people are lucky to leave their homes to live and many are
6:33 am
injured this morning and said that we want to talk at the man who was with st. francis memorial hospital. she is live on the phone. abu we understand some burn victims are being treated there this morning >> yes, good morning. >> how many people are each to deny now? >> we have received four persons from the incident last evening and into the burn center. >> ok so are you, are you know, have seen them? the tolls what burns that suffered? >> well the role transferred from other emergency departments and san mateo county where the teams there felt their birds were not eligible at the special burn center. it was not specific enough to require treatment in a burn center. >> the fact that you've therefore, are you taking all of the critically burned victims? so, would there be other hospitals or the baby up for you are? >> i understand it transferred
6:34 am
some of them to san francisco general hospital but i would ask you to confirm with them. we are open to receive burn patients under any circumstances and the police were able to assist in this manner. >> the people with the birds, would you consider their conditions critical because of this? is it serious? for what. >> one person has a serious injury and a stable and three of the persons are critically injured and are stable at this time. >> ok. all right, is there anything else that you over at st. francis me? we've been talking a lot about the fact that the red cross really wants blood donors right now to help people is anything that you need? >> not this time. we do appreciate your assistance and we did encourage people under all circumstances to donate blood to the blood center. >> ok. that is happy with the memorial hospital on the phone where for burn victims are being
6:35 am
treated and we also know that san francisco general has taken some victims. we can confirm that the sea in medical centers and other place that has taken the interns how we do not understand the exact number of the people that have already been taken to hospitals but we do know scores of people have been injured in new numbers are showing us that six people have been killed. of course they will be looking for more victims this morning. this morning we spoke with a resident in this area and the san mateo area and he said he smelled gas in the area for least the last three weeks. >> yes, it started around six weeks ago in my neighborhood. they were working in my grosz and they told me to shut the door in the brush and there is very heavy gases. after a bit they packed up and left but the very heavy snow was down the street at the exit sign. every day after work at small the gas
6:36 am
coming from the server. z >> so for my you know what to pg&e do, and what did they tell you to do? >> it told us nothing! i do not know how anybody can not to prepare is not like that and not find that small! exception going into other neighborhoods, that's all spelled really strong. >> how long to be small this? >> for a good three weeks. but >> they tell you do? >> when the king of the film is to shut the door to the inside of the smell was it. you can see what happened. this is ridiculous exploration market really sorry for the people and the innocent people that their image with injuries are too bad because that is ridiculous. as well is so dominant and that there was no concern whatsoever? >> as it is with six dead this would be the deadliest how pipeline explosion so far in history since 1983 when six were killed in texas from a pipeline
6:37 am
and then in walnut creek in 2004 there was five workers who were construction workers and they were killed in a gas pipeline disaster. with six dead already this some rivals and we do know it was a 24 in. gas main that broke. yeah >> is, is one of their transmission lines and it said the trans ones that said the other houses. with a chance to talk to pg&e and they say they are cooperating fully with the investigation we did hear from the president chris jones. he came out yesterday to say they will do the right thing for those involved and then the company held an official response say know the cost of not being an amateur and we do know that the people in the line ruptured and they ultimately are responsible for the cause of the incident. they said it will take accountability. what get accountability will that be? for >> yes you're right. that is something no be discussed investigated this morning. the fire then have had 50 percent
6:38 am
contained right now. the red cross in the hospital are as saying the victims. they want to know what pg&e stalinism what really happened. the is of a source of the explosion was a home in claremont and when you drive. and that is spread. >> oh yes. it was the ones that did that caring the flames from home to home and what you see on the right-hand side is at the entire neighborhood had that was just leveled. there used to beat houses on the street and now you see nothing-and rubble. police has been following the weather talking about the high winds that we see there. the reset? >> yes we have a chilling pictures of the video over and over and over of the planes being pushed very fast by the ones. it is no question why this place is very susceptible to high winds. yesterday is up to 20 m.p.h. and that is why the
6:39 am
fans' were pushing so quickly. currently it is about the status is going to get peer getting very low temperatures and has been light and variable morning is fluctuating from 1 to 2 mi. an hour winds and not to about 3 mi.. it could get up to five or six. it is really into the afternoon the you have to start worrying and that is when the winds really do pick up. this is another look at the real time winds around the area added is moving northwest in the strongest wind is moving 5 mi. an hour into the afternoon however this is when the wood will pick up. we get the same winds up to 6 mi. an hour and thus could get up to 80 mi. an hour. this could be a very windy day once again into the afternoon in august when the as yesterday afternoon. it could still be a concern for fire fighters and of course this is 2 mi. west of the airports of the other concern is that all of this well, all that smoke is when to lift and push on over to the east and it could create
6:40 am
rival delays. here's george with your traffic. >> adding to your list of closure's, see lane that is near to lady and skyline boulevard and it is been the no. boulevard of the fire. to the skyline is open. there are small streets closure's in and around beat center and fire. and of course this chp and local police departments are asking you to avoid the interstate 280 and skyline boulevard if possible. use the 101 as your alternate route. our breaking news coverage of the explosion and fire in san bruno will continue right after this on the kron4 news.
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a giant gas plant exploded and
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burst any concede the damage. we're live right now in our call helicopter some of it has leveled by fire. it is intending to bring this morning in the consumer next me some of the flames and smoke. going live now to welch ran his at the red cross command center at the bay hill shopping center. will you are the ones that first broke as the news in the first 45 minutes that six people have been confirmed dead. >> from what we understand that number is still 6 bytes plenty of others are unaccounted for and friends and family are coming down here and they're looking at the reports and tried to get information. i am talking to them as soon as they arrive. hello to you live in san francisco you have friends and family in the area can tell us about it? >> guess i grew up here so i have a lot of friends and families are affected here. how >> are they affected? by >> for friends to have their
6:45 am
homes that burned down and to friends that i cannot account for yet. it is a very small canadian people that correct your live here know everybody. there are people that worked at the sheriff's department, people that worked in the local business area. the small business community is everybody knows everyone and we are all affected. >> you for certain that before it homes when up in flames? i >> unfortunately yes. a >> the bills to gets ahold of them? he >> as friends of friends it there's a lot of networking so does a good thing. >> any injuries? >> no injuries as far as i know but it is a very big loss for just losing your house. >> obviously there's an emotional side to this, you saw this on the news? >> i did. seeing it on the news was horrifying. use your local town and you see it go up in flames and you can't believe what you're saying. >> plan on reuniting with your friends? >> 0 yes word text in, or e-mail
6:46 am
and we have found three people that i know who live in town here but they're not in town and we're connected with them and >> well questioner of planetary >> >> what what the two people she's still looking for can she tell me how about >> are you sending notices to your other friends for the ones are missing who are they? as in case they're talking. >> we tried to connect to them through other people we do not want to overload the family members. there are some of us there patiently tried to connect with certain family members. we're trying to work through the phone tree and work to the communication. >> well if can you give us their names? >> well it they can call the family in the family will find out first. >> ok. well terry i can tell you that she is one of many people are telling stories like this. i consider that one man was in this house on a computer and he heard a rumbling like a volcanic
6:47 am
eruptions he goes to the kitchen and he looks out into a ball of flames. we want to show the video that we saw about 20 minutes ago. this is still very much and at the scene of course in here are firefighters racing up and down san bruno ave. they grabbed the straw and you can see them going up there probably more relief. it is probably a shift change for the weary firefighters coming down here. more people are coming down here including in about an hour and 10 minutes now the acting governor of california. his plan to be at the command center to give us a news conference that we will carry that for a live one happens and as you concede area up there already setting up a podium. >> he so much well we're going to continue our team coverage and if you look at the right- hand side we have surveyed the damage for the first time in the first light. we will be back taking look home buy homes and sifting through this damage just a couple of minutes.
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650, are breaking family is still looking for loved ones this morning. the day after a deadly explosion that rocked the san bruno neighbor had appeared to concede the flames on the left that is from 6:00 when it first happened on the right we've just lost our chopper shot that we are over the area where we can see the homes that were leveled and destroyed and this is what has been reported as the source of the explosion. this is said to be around claremont and glenview drive for the ground shook and there was just a giant blast, some people thought it was an airplane. at my didn't earthquake that turns out it was a 24 in. gas main. firefighters are out there this morning and the firefighters, there is smaller fires set is 50 percent contained in there getting in and looking at the damage as we're doing for the first time this morning. absolute >> we have the latest pictures
6:52 am
direct from the helicopter appeared to concede at least one house smoldering. and they try to put out the hot spot. on that side of the shot i don't know if you can make it out but used to be dotted with groups. this morning here live pictures now there see fire crews on the middle of your screen trying their best but 53 homes are destroyed. this absolutely burned to the ground. 120 others are either moderately or seriously damaged by this and as the been reporting this morning six people have been confirmed killed in this fire. it ripped through the neighborhood and of course sparked by a gas line break in an explosion yesterday afternoon. you're going to take a quick break free of a lot of coverage coming up.
6:53 am
6:54 am
ns4 65 and our breaking news story
6:55 am
6:56 am
continues as we have breaking news here the shows you the scene this morning and this barely light sky was destroyed by fire in san bruno pair we just found out there is going to be a press conference at 730. we do expect new numbers and the latest coming in from the san bruno fire captain charlie bearing share. he has told reporters on the scene that the death toll is six at this plant he expects the death toll to rise as they are able to get in and search more homes. that news is just coming in right now. as we look at our video it shots of the los this morning. we're >> when to report all of morning not long. more than 50 homes were all destroyed. 120 other homes are damaged and again the situation there continues to worsen but i want to bring up
6:57 am
cooler of in san bruno. it is almost this entire development. concede that green line. that is the transmission line of the gas is going through when it exploded right there at the indicator race see the flames. this is the glenview drive in claremont drive in the area shaded and blue is as a result of the explosion. you concede the open space right next to it said this thing has the potential to spread even more today and the firefighters of trying to get the upper hand. will be following that part of a story in the letter sent to coming up shortly. this is a situation as you said this morning and it will not be until later on this morning where search and rescue crews to get into this immediate area right around with this explosion occurred in that is where firefighters fear that they might find more victims. >> the reason i do not know is because they are fighting these fires in darkness last night. the explosion happened just
6:58 am
after 6:00 and as you can see here this and shortly after the first explosion but then when darkness fell it just became, you know, you could see these giant plans in the distance but they really could not make self a lot of what they needed to and today they're glad to have their first look after a huge fireball and so many of these homes that were burning are smoldering. you'll be right back.
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